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Location, location, location

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Location, location, location

Ton Company’s new project, Krabi Riviera, wins on all three counts: sea views, private beach access and it’s close to Ao Nang

Though it may seem that a sea view villa in Krabi - with its miles of unspoiled coastline - was an easy thing to come by, in fact the opposite is true. Strict building regulations; National Park boundaries; and almost exclusively commercial use of the remaining exploitable beachfront land mean private homes overlooking the Andaman Sea are a rare commodity indeed.

This is why Ton Company Ltd is very proud to announce its latest project, Krabi Riviera, a small luxury development of pool villas next to the world famous Railay Peninsula, all with sea views and access to an effectively private beach, Ao Nui. This small cove was recently featured in the movie Stranded, based on the novel The Swiss Family Robinson – and it is an idyllic “deserted beach”.

But unlike the other, more isolated, seaview property developments in the province, Krabi Riviera is located only 5km from the major tourist centre of Ao Nang, and a few hundred metres from the taxi boat pier to Railay, Poda and Hong Islands, which makes it a very attractive proposition both in terms of convenience and investment. With 13 plots of 1000+ sqm, located on a gentle slope 150 metres behind the sand, Krabi Riviera is not planned as a “cookie cutter” development. “We don’t wish to impose pre-made plans on any of our buyers,” says Pierre Yves Loriers (Ton), managing director of the company. “Our in-house architects will custom design all the villas, according to the wishes and needs of the individual clients. So as long as they are within the guidelines of the new building code, i.e. use a traditional Thai roof shape and natural colours – which the majority of people prefer anyway – each house plan can be totally different. I think this is a big plus given that most real estate projects will only let you choose tiles and countertops!”

Though each villa will be individually designed, and the land plots are large enough to provide ample privacy, there will be one important communal aspect of the Krabi Riviera project: a shared private beach access, already owned by Ton Company. The plan is to build a small clubhouse next to the sand, so that residents can enjoy a drink – and have somewhere to store a kayak!

All villa owners will also enjoy access to an already established and successful management and rental program, run by Ton Company through “The rental return on sea view villas is especially high,” says Ton. “The limited supply makes them very in demand and owners can expect at least 10% yield on investment per year.” Seven of the 13 available plots in Krabi Riviera have already been sold; the remaining plots are awaiting buyers with a little imagination. “At the moment the only views are of cliffs and coconut trees: there is an unused rubber plantation currently blocking the view over the islands. And the access to the property is by a short dirt road,” explains Ton.

“Many people who are unused to evaluating land, and perhaps unfamiliar with the rate of development here in Krabi are hesitant to commit. They can’t see the potential. We try to explain that it is only a matter of time before the trees come down and the road is surfaced – but by that point the price of the land will have increased threefold! We have a great opportunity here to invest before that happens.”

For further information about Krabi Riviera and to make a viewing appointment, please contact Ton Company: (075) 695-633 or by email at: - -

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